On a mission to add more traditional beauty to the chaos of the modern world.

As an artist, I embrace the beauty of tradition amid the chaos of the modern world. I create fantasy-inspired illustrations and fine art that blend old and modern techniques. My work is bold and adventurous, exploring the depths of the imagination across various mediums.

As a composer, I write epic and evocative orchestral music that draws inspiration from ancient mythologies and spiritual realms. My creations resonate with the universal themes of heroism, honor, and the transcendent power of spirituality, capturing the essence of timeless stories and emotions.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Wonder Woman Pin Up Digital Painting

In this Photoshop tutorial I will show how I used Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet to create a digital illustration of a voluptuous Wonder Woman pin up. The tutorial reveals one of my digital painting techniques with a step by step walk through including images for each stage [...]

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Painter Tutorial: Lord Of The Rings Characters Portraits

This tutorial explains the technique I used to paint portraits of 2 characters from the Lord Of The Rings movie using Corel Painter. The tutorial highlight: settings for the painbrush tool as used in this image shows you how to obtain a painterly style in your digital pai [...]

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