Downloads : Rusty Metal Yellow Paint Texture

This texture is the first of a long series of metallic textures I will be posting on my site for download. Some time ago I took tons of pictures of heavy construction equipment (bulldozers, excavators, etc) at a construction site nearby. It was the perfect place to get close-ups photos of gritty metallic surfaces. Pure texture heaven : dirty, scratched and rusty surfaces just waiting to be captured!

I made this texture pretty seamless. To use in Photoshop, open the file. Then do a “Select All”. Then do “Edit –> Define Pattern” and voila’ you are now ready to fill any empty layer with this texture (use the paint bucket tool set on pattern for that).

Note: You have my permission to download this texture and use it in your artwork only. Leave a comment and let me know if you do. It’s always nice to hear my work is appreciated.

Here it is (click on the download link below to download the full size texture file):

Download the Rusty Metal Yellow Paint Texture


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I’ve never used any textures on 2D yet – perhaps I should give it a try^^ You mentioned the use of textures in your nightmare souleater tutorial – but trying to make a seamless pattern at my own I failed xD

Anyway, very good work!

I too have no idea how to use textures on a painting but I think its very cool that you share these with us thanks.

Cool texture. Theres’ not many of these metalic texture around that looks so real. Thanks. 🙂

Using this rust texture for a dumpster I’ve modeled in Maya. Hope you don’t mind.

Self-taught photoshop user. Thanks for the how-to! Layered over some senior photos I took, very cool.

Hello, I’m from Brazil, i want to use this texture to use as cover of my music album, if you accept, I’ll put your name and website on the back cover of the album.
please, answer me. my e-mail:

(PS: I don’t speak english well… but i try :D)

Although I am a graphic designer and Photoshop expert, I was actually searching for yellow paint to do something fun to my bathroom walls. When my eyes took in this deep yellow paint with fantastic rust spots, like some vintage urban dalmatian, they popped out in total artistic delight. I would do it with glazes, and a faux technique similar to marbling. Thank you for this inspiration. I had already purchased the paint in, get this for a color name, “Mac’n’Cheese”. (Lowes)
While out and about doing photo shots for my own library of stock, I happened upon a great old yellow sign with similar rusted raised letters that read Acme Cars.

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