My Music

Here you will find samples of my unearthly, epic, mystical orchestral music inspired by higher dimensions – evoking visions of mythological ancient civilizations (Atlantis, Hyperborea), the golden age when Gods and heroes lived, when honor mattered and spirituality guided us.

New Official Music Video Out

The music video for my latest composition “Women, Oracles of the Gods“, an “Aria” I wrote as an invocation, asking the Gods to hasten the return of the oracles, for we live in a dark age ruled by the material. Their counsel and their light is needed more than ever. Dedicated to the women, who throughout history, have served and carried messages from the Gods, higher realms, women such as Pythya, the Oracle of Delphi and the Norse völva. The soprano singer is the incredibly talented Kelsey Mira.

Latest Tracks


My own version of the timeless traditional melody of the timeless melody. I love adding harmonies, as you will hear.

The Glitch’s Lament

This is an electronic music track blending gothic sounds and synthwave vibes.