The Geek Moment: too often or never enough?

Jedi RobertoThis is supposed to be the fun-filled, fun-bursting, fun-tastical section of my site where I come up with geek-dom related stories.. expect especially hilarious recantations of moments where I have experienced geekiness in its highest form! Like.. the day I realized I had spent too much time on my tablet because I tried to click the UNDO button to fix a mistake I made while writing on a piece of paper with a REAL pencil… or when somebody mentioned a sci-fi character from Star Wars and I happen to KNOW too much about them… even what they had for lunch during the movie shooting breaks.. or the plot twists of some obscure Star Trek episode…

But.. never fear, this is also where you will find my musings on other geeky subjects.. like role playing (which I often do illustrations for), videogames (I wish I had time to play them.. sigh), computers (after all, I am in a symbitic relationship with mine), gadgets and everything else that is remotely associated with Geekiness.


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