Downloads: Let’s start with a texture!

Welcome to my new downloads section!

Here I will share some of my Photoshop brushes, textures and tool presets with my website visitors.

I thought I’d start with one of the canvas textures I created some time ago. This is a scan of brush strokes on cloth canvas. I have used it to make otherwise too-smooth digital paintings look more natural, like if painted on a real canvas. I suggest using this one as an Overlay layer over your art. You can also apply it using the Photoshop render lighting effect.

Here it is (click on the download link below to download the full size texture file):

'Brushed Canvas' Texture Preview

Dowlonad the Brushed Canvas Texture


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A huge hug… and a most sincere “Thank you!”

Dear Roberto, I put your Canvas texture in PS CS2 in
folder Presets\Textures after that I can’t it find; after
that I change dimensionen (256×256) – I can’t it olso
find! What shel I do?

Warm wishes, Drago

Hi again Roberto…

Wanted to share a link of my video, “Making Painter Paper from your Texture… It’s my first effort to make a video.. Coin

Thanks for sharing this also thanks for sharing the video. I use photoshop more than painter painter is too complicated for me but the video was much helpful thanks.

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